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Thirak vs. Shadowfist and Freezerburn

Shadowfist jumps down from the rafters and lands on a tendril of darkness reaching up from the floor. He merges into it and becomes a large shadow monster. Thirak jumps away as he slams his fist down. You watch the fight for a few seconds, impressed with Thirak's speed and dodging ability. Still, his Pulse Wave attack is not the most powerful of attacks - merely a shockwave through the air to strike the enemy.

Then you suddenly remember what you need to do - figure out how to stop the duo. The answer hits you like a freight train: darkness is repulsed by light!

You run over to the fuse box and push the switch to overload the lights. The lights in the warehouse intensify greatly. You hear a scream of anguish and look to see the shadow monster dissolve to reveal Shadowfist, who falls to the ground, trying to shield himself with his arms. "Aaagh!" he cries in pain "Stop it! Turn it off! I can't stand the light! Turn it off!!"

As he cringes in pain, Thirak walks up to him and unleahes a Pulse Wave right in Shadowfist's face. Shadowfist is sent flying back into the warehouse wall. He falls to the ground and melts into a shadow on the floor, which races away and through the crack under the door.

Freezerburn laughs. "Congradulations on defeating my partner," he says darkly, "but I am not so easy." He unleashes a blast of ice at you. Thirak knocks you out of the way, then jumps to avoid the blast.

Freezerburn turns out to be much more vicious than Shadowfist. He doesn't even give Thirak a chance to fight back, unleashing blast after blast of fire or ice. Meanwhile, you rack your brain for some way to beat him. By controlling both extremes, Freezerburn seems unbeatable...Heat melts ice, but that would fuel Freezerburn's fire; and water douses fire, but that would give his ice more to work with. Then it hits you. What if you try both at the same time? You notice an empty bucket in the corner and a sink in the back; hopefully that'll cover the water. But as for heat...

After filling up the bucket, you look around for a source of heat. You are so preoccupied that you don't notice a stray blast of Freezerburn's fire heading your way. Fortunately, it misses you (barely), but it does give you an idea. You rip up one of the floorboards and hold it up to the smoldering fire on the wall so that the board catches fire. You then hold the burning end of the board right next to the bucket so that the water heats up. Once it starts bubbling, you toss the board aside and head over to the fight. Fortunately, Freezerburn is preoccupied with Thirak so he doesn't see you. You manage to get within a few feet from Freezerburn, and toss the heated water on him, then run off.

"What?! What is this?" Freezerbun shouts. He snaps his fingers a few times, but nothing happens. "I can't light up?! Rrrrgg, fine! Let's turn down the heat!" He snaps his fingers again, but still nothing happens. "My ice! Melted? How? How?!" He seems to realize something, then turns to you. "You!! You did this!" He exclaims, pointing at you. He starts to stalk toward you, but Thirak jumps in the way and delivers a Pulse Wave right to his face. Freezerburn is sent flying, smashing through the door. You catch a glimpse of a tendril of darkness catching him and then quickly darting out of sight, but pay it no mind.

You are relieved that this part is over, but are also annoyed that once again you have no leads on Korak's location. Thirak turns to you, but the minute he lays eyes on you he seems to be suddenly surprised about something. "Calladus!" he cries out in shock.

You just barely have enough time to think "Calladus? Wha-?" before you feel a crushing pain in the back of your head and fall unconcious.

Written by Red Hawk

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