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Back on Track

You continue along on your way, traveling during the day and camping at night. You are glad that you went through the exorcism back at the temple, for you know that if it were still here, that 'female voice' would be pestering you nonstop about Seth. The rest of the trip is rather uneventful, and after about 5 days you see the great forge. It is truly a sight to behold, rising up from the plains, reaching into the sky.

Seth leads you into the forge and introduces you to the weaponsmith. He is an absolutely huge man, standing about 8 feet tall, well-muscled, skin bronzed by the heat of the forge. He wears tattered gray pants and a tattered dark red vest.

"Well well look who's here!" the weaponsmith says in a deep and powerful, although cheerful, voice. "I s'pose yer here to getch yerself a weapon eh?" You nod, not knowing what to think of this man. "Well, excellent! Alright, Seth probaly told you this, but my weapons are custom-made, crafted perfectly to suit the user. Fighting style, hand grip, everything. You'd never be able to use any weapon as well as one I custom-make for you, and since the weapon is adapted to your style you don't have to adapt to it! So before we get started I need to see your fighting style to determine which weapon is best. Follow me."

The smith leads you through a door in the back of the shop. You are surprised to find that behind this door is a battling arena. The smith rings a bell by the entrance, and another man enters through another door. This person looks like one of the palace guards, but with no armor or sword. Rather, this person is clad in leather "armor" and holds a staff as a weapon. The smith tells you that this is an assistant of his, and that anyone who wishes to get a weapon from his shop must battle the assistant, so he can determine your fighting style.

You and the assistant both enter the arena. The smith rings the bell again and the battle begins.

The assistant rushes toward you, raising his staff as he charges. You quickly sidestep the attack, then quickly dart behind him, grab the rear end of the staff, then kick him in the back. This knocks him forward and wrenches the staff out of his hands. You quickly toss the staff away, out of the arena, where it is caught by the smith. As the assistant charges you again, you dart in close, grab him around the waist, and pull him in. You stomp on his foot hard, then spin and twist expertly out of range as he tries to land a punch. You kick him again in the back, then grab his wrists and get him in a lock position. You are about to kick again when the smith once again rings the bell.

You release the assistant, who retrieves his staff and re-exits the room. The smith seems surprised and pleased at your skill (and you are also surprised at how good you have become). Meanwhile, Seth, who had quietly followed you in, is standing off to the side with a pleased look on his face.

"Young lady, I am highly impressed," says the weaponsmith. "That was one of the finest displays of combat skill I have ever seen. In fact, only two people have ever shown me a more impressive fight: Seth here and a man named Zyke. Anyway, that's not to be concerned about. Come along." The smith leads you and Seth back into the main shop.

Once back in the main shop, the smith tells you to "show me your dominant hand". You do so, and the smith leans in close, grabbing your wrist in his left hand. He examines your hand, running a thick finger over your palm, then asking you to hold a stick of iron to determine your grip. Once done the weaponsmith announces that he has everything he needs to make your weapon. "I will make the perfect weapon for you," he says. "Don't you worry. It'll be ready in about a day. Come back tomorrow to pick it up."

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