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Alice got right up off of her bed, and started down the hall after her "Dad." The lights were still flickering a bit, and there was an odd ozone smell in the air.

"Honey," said the former man, "Is something wrong with the lights?"

Alice heard her mother's voice answer from downstairs, though it sounded a little higher than usual.

"I dunno," she said. Alice thought she heard a giggle. A sandy-haired boy emerged from a door down the hall, her little brother Tommy. Only, Tommy looked a little different. His face was different, his hair seemed longer.

The lights flickered pink for a second, and then went back to normal.

"That was weird," said Alice. She looked at her little brother, and almost screamed. His jeans shortened suddenly, and fused into a skirt, his tee shirt constricted around his upper torso, and left his little belly button exposed. His sandy-blonde hair fell down in long curls. The hair seemed to braid itself into pigtails. His shirt became bright pink, and a pair of tiny breasts pushed gently against the spandex material.

Alice's "father" also seemed to change. The black skirt got a little shorter, the heels a little taller, and her breasts a little bigger. (S)he was now wearing white nylons, and her white blouse rode up on her new breasts, exposing a little midriff. She also seemed to be wearing make up, and Alice took a hestitant step back.

That was when she realized that she was walking on-pointe. She looked down to see her dance outfit had completely transformed to a bright pink, with sparkles in the fabric and lace trimming. She just stood there, completely in shock, unable to comprehend what was happening.

A woman appeared at the bottom of the stairs, Alice's mother. She looked changed as well. She was wearing a bright pink blouse with a long, pink skirt that was puffed out ridiculously. Her blouse was tight, and showed a set of triple-D's that the woman hadn't had before. She wore tall heels, and had long, curly blonde hair that fell in waves behind her. She was smiling, and her bright blue eyes showed almost no signs of intelligence.

"Mommy," said the former little boy. "Can I have ballet lessons like Alice?"

Alice could barely even hear him over her own shock. She was standing perfectly straight, and still, on tippy toes.

"Of course, silly," said her mother. "Tommy" underwent more changes, as 'her' skirt puffed, and flared out, becoming a tutu, and her pink top wrapping around her into a leotard. Tights appeared on her legs, and she immediately started standing on tippy-toes as well, as ballet slippers materialized on her feet. Her hair flew up into an intricate bun, and a tiara emerged from the blonde mass. She was now wearing a frilly pink tutu just like Alice was.

"Honey," said Alice's 'father,' "Ballet for two is kind of pricey, why can't Alice just teach Tammy what she knows?"

The former man now wore a short black leather skirt, barely covering the crotch, with opaque white tights going down to patent black leather heels. The blouse had become little more than white wrapping around her breasts.

"You could teach them both, dear, couldn't you?" asked the giggly blonde mom.

The black skirt changed, and fused with the top suddenly. The heels became slippers, and a silky wrap-skirt appeared on her legs. She stood on-pointe.

"I guess so," she said.

Alice blacked out.

Written by Tutu

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