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Thirak's story

"It all began 50 years ago, when I was young" Thirak begins, "When I was 6, my mother had a second child, my brother, Korak. Unfortunately, this seemed to be too much for her, and she died soon afterward. Unlike my mother, my father was violent and tempermental, using his fists to do his talking. My mother seemed to be the only thing holding him back, and now he pushed me to the limit, often beating me when I couldn't make it"

Thirak pauses. The tinge of insanity in his voice was gone when he spoke of his mother. Even through his cold, detached, and harsh mannerisms, you can tell that his mother's death had caused him great pain.

Thirak shakes it off and continues. "When I was 10, I suddenly discovered this ability to control time. It took me years of practice, but I did eventually master it.

"Meanwhile, my brother was immensely jealous and furious at me. 'Why does Thirak have this power and not me?' he would say. His jealousy turned to resentment, and resentment turned to hatred. He was upset that he didn't have a power, and I could never understand why he couldn't appreciate me for mine.

"We had a falling out when I was 16 and finally achieved complete mastery of my ability. I decided that I would use my power for good-I did not want to emulate my father in any way. And in his jealosy and hatred, the last spark of goodness in Korak's heart was extinguished. He became pure evil. Then when I turned to study the magics of the world, Korak, in his undying hatred and opposition to me, dedicated himself to science.

"Korak is extremely evil, and also extremely dangerous. He is never to be underestimated. Ever. He is an absolutely brilliant man, too. Evil, but brilliant. He is also incredibly resourceful. He is also unpredictable. He'll either sabotage another person's invention, as he did here, or he'll steal someone else's invention and modify it, or he'll just build his own device.

"I have actually fought with Korak before. It is only due to my ability to control time that I got out alive at all, and even then, I was nearly defeated."

Thirak sighs, looking to the sky. "By nature I am not a calm person...and when I learned it was my brother we are dealing with...well, you can see how that would set me off. This time Korak has gone too far. I myself am immune to the blasts, but everyone else on the entire planet is in serious danger of becoming what you became."

The former cop takes that moment to speak out, asking the question that is on all of your minds: "Why? Why would he want to do this? Especially when he's in danger too?"

Thirak turns his head to look at the three of you, his eyes narrowed. "I don't know," he says sharply, "and I don't want to know. The instant you start understanding people like my brother, you start sympathizing with them, and from there its only a short step away from becoming just like them. I don't care about my brother's motives, and nor shall I ever care. And you shouldn't, either. Lets just get this whole mess fixed."

And with that, Thirak turns and stalks off in the direction he was headed. The three of you run after him. After all, Thirak may be the only person on the entire planet who knows the whole situation and can actually help.

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