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...but not much worse

As the hostess continues with the game, you see a red gleam within the audience. A man in the audience stands up and walks out. You decide to pay no mind to the guy who left, but what was that red gleam? Little do you know, you're about to find out.

A little while later, the game is coming to a close; the contestant is very close. The man who got up enters from behind the curtains in the back of the stage. He has a very creepy air about him. He wears black pants and a dark brown shirt, and a black trenchcoat. His hair is black and very messy, thick locks of hair sticking up and out all over the place. He is very pale, giving him an almost ghostly appearance. But his most notable feature is his left eye: It remains closed at all times, and a large scar runs down through his eye to his left cheek. He quickly heads over to the hostess and says something you can't quite hear. She immediately falters, and appears very nervous.

"Uh, look, sir, um, this isn't, um, uh, what are you talking about?" she stammers.

"Don't play dumb" he orders. His voice is just as dark and creepy as he is: deep, yet slightly grating, tinged with a hint of insanity. "I know you know what I'm talking about. I know you are behind this [here he points to you]. I know exactly what is going on here, and I'm here to stop you."

The man opens his left eye, revealing a swirling mass of red and black. A red flash eminates from his eye, and clears instantly when he closes his eye again. The hostess and contestant are now on the floor, twitching and mumbling incoherently. The man walks briskly over to you, grabs you by the wrist, and hurridly leads you out the door.

Now what? Who is this guy? And how does he have such power?

Written by an anonymous author

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