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This story is transformation-related; that certainly doesn't mean that every page has to have (or even should have) a transformation in it, though. Please keep this game PG-rated; do not use sex or graphic violence in your additions. This is a semi-moderated game; the pages you add will immediately be made available to other users, but the moderator may remove them later if they are very inappropriate for some reason. Please try very hard to spell correctly. :-) And for consistency's sake--so the readers don't have to shift mental gears every time they jump to a new page--please use the second person and the present tense. In other words, if the main character turns into an eggplant, it should be "You turn into an eggplant," not "I turn into an eggplant" or "You turned into an eggplant." The readers thank you, and so do I. :-)

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