About the Bookstore Browser feature...

This window is designed to let you browse online bookstores for more information on the List's books, and buy those books online if you so choose.

Rather than tying this list to a particular bookstore, I'm trying to make it as open as possible. If you have a favorite bookstore (or if you run a bookstore), please let me know (), and I'll include it here if I can.

I was briefly a member of the affiliates program for some of these bookstores. I am discontinuing that; it was more trouble than it was worth. I now have no stake whatsoever in whether you use this feature or not, or in which bookstore you use. I feel cleaner somehow. :-)

Here's some codes that I use to give you more information about the listed stores:

Note: The Bookstore Browser feature uses a cookie to keep track of the last bookstore you visited, so that future Bookstore links can default back to that same store. (So if you have a favorite store, this lets you follow a bunch of Bookstore links and always get information from that store, without having to reselect it each time.) If your browser doesn't support cookies, or if you choose not to accept them, that's fine; it just means that you'll have to select a bookstore each time.